Our Team

Our Team

The WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP) is supported by an extremely qualified and committed team of professionals. All professionals are very carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment process. They are trained in autism in order to deliver quality services to the children we served.


Ms Anita Russell
Principal Autism Consultant

A practising speech–language pathologist since 1983, MS ANITA RUSSELL has undergone higher training in the areas of cognition, language and social interaction in autism, parent training/coaching, and diagnosis and treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Ms Russell has worked with adults, adolescents and children on the autism spectrum throughout her career in various clinical, school and community settings.

From 1996 to 2002, Ms Russell directed the multi-disciplinary Anita Russell Communication Therapy Centre that specialised in the provision of individual, group, classroom communication and social interaction intervention programmes for children on the autism spectrum.

Ms Russell currently holds the position of Principal Autism Consultant at Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), where she heads the Autism Intervention, Training and Consultancy Division. Her primary professional scope includes review and development of best practice autism intervention programmes as well as research and development of initiatives for
supporting and teaching students at the pre-school and primary school levels. Ms Russell also plays a key role in the provision of specialist autism training and coaching of parents, caregivers and professionals.

Ms Anita Russell

Ms Stephenie Khoo
Deputy Executive Director ARC(S)

MRS STEPHENIE KHOO is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) and she oversees WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP) of the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). At WeCAN EIP she oversees the early intervention programme as well as a curriculum research and development arm focusing on the development of a nation-wide scalable autism curriculum for young children with autism.

Aside to more than 20 years of experience in special needs intervention and education, Mrs Khoo also has a Bachelor in Arts from the National University of Singapore, a Post Graduate Bachelor in Special Education from Monash University, Australia as well as a Masters in Applied Psychology (Educational Psychology) from National Institute of Education, National Technological University, Singapore.

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