It’s the final term of the school year! This semester, our theme was ‘My School and my Community’ and the children engaged in a variety of activities which helped them learn about the things they can do in school and in their communities.

Let’s have a look at some of the activities which took place during the semester!

Children with Autism may face difficulties during dental visits due to unfamiliarity of the environment, bright lights or loud sounds of dental equipment. However, it is important to maintain the oral health of our children. What can parents do to help their children maintain healthy oral hygiene and establish a healthy relationship with the dentist?

At the end of each school year, WeCAN EIP parents and teachers typically meet for the final Parent Communication Night where we gather to relive memories of the past year and celebrate the successes of our children. In these atypical times of Covid-19 social distancing, for the year 2020, we turned to the online platform of Zoom to have this annual get-together. 

Welcome to another new and exciting year of learning at WeCAN EIP. We congratulate our 30 students and families who have graduated from ARC(S)’s WeCAN Early Intervention Programme and moved on to other post-EIP placements to continue their learning journeys.

The constant changes around safe management measures meant that we had to get creative in finding social opportunities for the children.

The Purple Parade took place this year with a live streamed concert, live chats and the “Walk in My Shoes” workshop series.  

For A Very Special Walk this year, participants took place in challenges from the challenge period of 1st June to 21st June. Participants were encouraged to come up with unique challenges for 21 days to raise funds for the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). We saw some truly incredible challenges, ranging from running 21km to sewing and giving out 21 face masks. 

Check out the challenges here: 

In Semester 1, the theme was ‘Animals’ and the children had fun learning about various animals through many engaging activities. 

Let’s take a look at some of the activities that the children were engaged in!


 Elhan stamps and paste coloured crepe papers on the turtle!

Kayley is decorating the hippo using different coloured papers.


The children also learn where the animals stays. Aqil paints the dog kennel during Art and Craft.


Nadal is seen sorting the animals to where they belong to!


They also enjoyed pretending to take care or be like the animals!

Sahana is pretending to take care of the pet cats by combing its fur.

Jean Paul pretends to be a cat by wearing the cat suit during play time at Dramatic Corner.

Some of the children also had class pets! Here is Sarvesh observing the butterfly after it blooms out of its pupa.