Programme Fees

Programme Fees

Fees Structure

Intervention Frequency / Duration Class Size Fee for S'pore Citizen Fee for Permanent Resident

2 times/ week (6 hours)
3 times/ Week (6 hours)

1:2 or
2:4 - 6
$5 - $430 / month $20 - $1,270 / month

Fee Matrix can be downloaded from SG Enable’s website

  • All fees listed are after government grants but does not include 7% GST.

Government Grants

The ARC(S) EIP receives a grant from the government for each child served in the programme. Part of the grant is also Means Tested (i.e. dependent on the family income of the child) using the National Means Testing System (NMTS) which is managed by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social & Family Development. These grants are used to offset the cost of the intervention programme for every child.

Means Testing Declaration Form

Parents must complete and submit to us the means-testing declaration forms with complete documentation if they wish to apply for means-test subsidy. The means-testing declaration form will be provided to parents when their child is offered a place at our intervention programme. Your child’s actual monthly programme fee will be advised after means-testing is done.

Financial Assistance

Any applications for additional financial subsidies on top of grants funded by the government may be made to ARC(S) EIP. Additional subsidies will be granted on a case by case basis.


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