Parents’ Involvement

Parents’ Involvement

Individualization of Programme

The WeCAN Early Intervention Programme works with each child based on his/her assessed individualized needs. Different methods and strategies may be recommended and employed for each individual child in the programme.

An individualised Educational Plan (IEP) is drafted, discussed and agreed upon for each child. The goals and objectives in this document guides all intervention. IEP meetings with parents will be held 2 times a year (typically in January and July). If a child joins the programme between terms, an IEP meeting is called for after the 3rd week of intervention.

Family Involvement and Commitment

Parent and caregiver collaboration is one of the most important aspects of the WeCAN Early Intervention Programme. It is also an indicator of a more positive and successful outcome for the children in their intervention journeys in Early Intervention. Your child's progress in the intervention programme is largely dependent on the commitment and involvement of the family in carrying out the programme in the home context.

Parents / Caregivers are expected to attend intervention with their child during the onset of the intervention. Frequency is dependent on the individual needs of each child, which will be discussed and agreed upon with the teachers. When children become progressively independent and start working in a group context, parents will be invited to attend intervention sessions 3 times each term.

At WeCAN EIP, parents are invited to collaborate in various ways:

Participate in intervention sessions
Practicing Skills Learnt in Community Outings
Group Outdoor Sessions
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