Programme Calendar

Programme Calendar

The ARC(S) EIP runs four 10-week terms each year (similar to the mainstream primary school calendar). This will include the term holidays.

2021 Term 1 Calendar 

Term 1 4 January to 12 March
Week 1 4 Jan (Mon) Start of Term 1
Week 6 11 Feb (Thu) Chinese New Year Eve – No PM sessions
  12 Feb (Fri) – 15 Feb (Mon) Chinese New Year Holiday – No sessions
Week 9 1 Mar (Mon) Make up session for sessions cancelled on 12 March
Week 10 12 Mar (Fri) No sessions - Early Intervention Conference
Term Break : 15 March to 19 March

2021 Term 2 Calendar

Term 2 22 March to 28 May
Week 1 22 Mar (Mon) Start of Term 2
  24 Mar (Wed) – 26 Mar (Fri) Individualised Education Plan Meeting
(IEP Meeting) – teachers will advise on exact date and time
  27 Mar (Sat) ARC Caregiver Forum (TBC)
Week 2 2 Apr (Fri) World Autism Awareness Day
    Good Friday Holiday – No sessions
Week 3 7 Apr (Wed) WeCAN Training
Fundamentals of Autism
(Compulsory for new parents to attend)
Week 7 3 May (Mon) Labour Day Holiday (in lieu) – No sessions
Week 8 13 May (Thu) Hari Raya Puasa Holiday – No sessions
Week 10 26 May (Wed) Vesak Day Holiday – No sessions
Term Break: 1 June to 25 June


COVID-Safe Access

As part of our continuous efforts to safeguard the well-being of the students and staff in WeCAN EIP, onsite parent participation (within the EIP context) will vary in frequency and on a needs basis. Your child’s class teachers will communicate with you on individualised arrangements based on the class and child’s profile.

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