Bringing Fun-filled Learning into Homes

Wednesday, 10 June 2020
Bringing Fun-filled Learning into Homes

During the Circuit Breaker period, our families and teachers have done their best to adjust to new routines, including Home-Based Learning. Let’s take a peek at how families have supported their children’s learning at home!    

Asher engaging in independent work at home

Using a simple work system (such as the one written on the whiteboard in the photo above) helps our children know what they need to do and when they can proceed to the next activity. Including a motivating activity at the end, like painting for Asher, encourages them to stay on task and work alone successfully at home!

“Completing my favourite alphabet puzzle with Mummy!”


Parents created opportunities to generalise skills that their children have learned in class, such as having a ‘Work with Mummy/Daddy’ time at home. Using the child’s interests will motivate them to participate actively in activities with their parents.

“Bonding time with Mummy and Daddy through play!”


Our children unleased their creativity as they engaged in open ended play by creating a variety of things with salt dough, such as a salt dough version of themselves! What better way to enhance a child’s creativity, language and social skills than through play?


What a great sight to see parents empowered in supporting their children’s learning and keeping them meaningfully engaged at home! Well done parents, and thank you for your close collaboration and support during this period. Let’s continue to support one another in helping our children to learn when the new term begins. Stay safe and healthy!

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