Parents Communication Night

Tuesday, 07 January 2020
Parents Communication Night

The final Parents' Communication Night 2019 was an evening of celebration and encouragement. Parents brought various food items and had a wonderful time of sharing and bonding with one another before the session commenced.

We invited a parent of one of our alumni students, Mr Gavin Chow, to come back to share his journey after having been with our Early Intervention Programme and moving on for some years. It was a very encouraging and inspiring session!

Gavin shared the following tips when deciding on the options for schools:

  • Working closely with your family, knowing and relying on each other's strengths
  • Working closely with your child's therapists and teachers
  • Understanding what are non-negotiables and negotiables for your child, so that they can enjoy and thrive in the learning environment

The evening concluded with parents sharing their appreciation of the teachers for teaching their children. It was indeed a very heartfelt and touching moment for all. Hooray to a great 2019 and we all look forward to an awesome start in 2020! We thank all parents for entrusting your children to us and for the strong collaboration.

Mrs Stephenie Khoo

Deputy Executive Director

Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)


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