Outing to the Zoo

Monday, 07 October 2019
Outing to the Zoo

Last term, in line with the theme “animals”, our children went on an outing to the Singapore Zoo! What better place to learn about animals, than to see and experience the actual animals right in front of our eyes?

Simple activities such as pointing out interesting things in the environment is a fun way to increase engagement, and practise joint attention with our children.

"Mummy, look! Do you see the crocodile?"

The use of schedules is important for our children. It helps our children to know what is coming next, which provides predictability for them.

The children had lots of fun watching the Animal Friends Show. They learnt about dogs, cats, and birds, and even saw some of the tricks they could do. They even had an opportunity to touch the animals after the show ended!

"It's treasure hunt time! Let's find and take a photo of the otters"

Prior to the outing, the children learned about the various animals they would see at the Zoo. Some children watched videos and participated in related activities, some practised playing "I spy" game, while some read books on animals. These helped the children learn about the animals and made the outing much meaningful.

To end off the outing, children got to play at the Water Playground - an activity that many of them were looking forward to! What a great way to cool down from the hot day. Thank you parents for planning, and preparing the supports needed, to make the outing special for your children. It was a great learning experience for all of us!

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