Let's go on a bear hunt!

Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Let's go on a bear hunt!

“We are going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one!”

This term we have been reading and doing activities related to the book “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen. All the activities done during the outing were linked to the book. Prior to the outing, we have been learning the different actions that we can do when we ‘go through’ the different landscapes read about in the book. We’ve also done activities such as making bear puppets and masks, sequencing of the events in the book, as well as playing treasure hunt games around the classroom.

This outing we had activities which let us experience the same bear hunt fun we had in the classroom but with our daddy and mummy around. It was also extra fun when we had friends from both Eagle and Puffin classes playing together!

We were each given a treasure map as a schedule to follow! The teachers gave us a stamp whenever we finished an activity and this helped us track what we have finished and what we are to do next!
We went to many different stations and rooms for activities. We played a special Freeze game with the bear hunt book actions. It was so exciting to do the special actions when the music was played. Just remember to FREEZE when the music stops!
There was also a station for Art where we put could choose different coloured body parts to make a colourful bear paper bag puppets. When we were done, we got to hold them to play along with the video of the story!

We all also enjoyed completing a treasure hunt and an obstacle course together. There were many things to find around the school, but with the help of our clues, we did it! The obstacle course made us feel like we were going on a mini bear hunt, we went through the swishy swashy grass and even found bears in the dark gloomy cave. The outing ended with recess time in the café for everyone - time to rest, have a snack and drink some water after all that fun.


Thank you daddy and mummy for coming for this “We’re going on a bear hunt” activity day with me!

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