A day of fun in my school!

Monday, 29 April 2019
Singing and dancing to our favourite songs during Circle Time

It's the first term of the school  year! This term, the children learnt so many things about their school, how they travel to school, and the people they see in school. The term ended with a day of fun and exciting activities right here in school - a place familiar to all of us. Let's take a closer look at what we did!

Scoop ball relay
What's in my bag game

Prior to the outing, our teachers helped familiarise us with the songs that we were going to sing, and the games we were going to play. Having practised them in class with our teachers and friends helped prepare us for what would happen during the school activity day and engage better in the various games.

Can you find the puzzle?
Having fun playing with water and sand with Mummy and Daddy! We can engage better with you when you use our interests, and we learn best when we’re having fun!

The outing ended with Snack time! We enjoyed eating the fairy bread and fruit kebabs which we made all by ourselves. So yummy!

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