Parents Communication Night

Tuesday, 12 March 2019
Parents Communication Night

The year 2018 ended with a splashing good time for children and their families with the Water theme. To conclude the year, parents gathered for a potluck as we celebrated children’s learning progress and also their successful transitions into the next school.

As our children and families get ready for the holidays and the next phase of their learning journeys, it is timely to remember the importance of generalising the skills that they had learnt.

Teachers presented 3 short role plays to demonstrate the importance of generalising learnt skills across:

  • People
  • Contexts
  • Materials


We also had the privilege of having Ms. Yvonne Yap, Jeremy’s mother, come share her journey with WeCAN Early Intervention Programme with our parents and teachers. Through her lively recount of each milestones in her family’s experience, she had 3 key messages for us:

  1. Importance of family support
    • Don’t be afraid to seek help
    • Take the initiative to offer help
    • It takes a village to raise a kid
    • Do not be too hard on yourself
  2. Trust Your Intuition
    • Nobody knows your child better than you
    • Seek assessment or information in order to make plans for your child. If there is something you think might benefit your child, go for it!
  3. Develop your child’s Passion
    • If we fuel their passion (no matter how absurd), they can actually excel and go very far
    • Be brave and let them pursue their interests
  4. Find a Support Group
    • It provides a platform to share your worries, concerns and joy
    • It allows you to have a network of fellow parents who can listen and empathise
    • It is an avenue to share information on services, therapies, schools etc.
  5. Be An Advocate
    • Be open about your child’s condition. This helps raise awareness amongst the public and in time, dispel misconceptions that they might have about people with autism.
    • Support events or products that enables you to raise awareness for the autism community.


“You must be made aware of something, only then can you understand and have acceptance, which will lead to social inclusion.”

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