Outing to KidsSTOP at The Science Centre

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Outing to KidsSTOP at The Science Centre

We are going to Jurong!” we exclaimed as we boarded the school bus that was headed to KidsSTOP- a giant play area with different thematic zones. The moment we stepped into KidsSTOP with our parents, our faces lit up with excitement as we took in the sights and sounds of the different zones. It was time to put our pretend play skills to good use with our classmates!

Prior to the outing, the teachers showed us some pictures and videos of KidsSTOP so we knew what to expect in each area. For example, we knew that we were going to see the Giant J, which is a very tall slide that goes all the way up to 7 metres! Our teachers had told us that we could choose to have a turn on the Giant J. However if we were feeling scared, we could sit and cheer for our friends instead. That made some of us heave a sigh of relief!


Look mummy! I’m hanging high up on the Giant J at 5 metres!


At the Supermarket Area, I get to pretend that I am a customer! 


And a chef too! 


We were each given a mission booklet by our teachers. We had to take a picture of ourselves completing the mission at the different zones. The missions included “dancing on stage with a friend” and “finding an animal that starts with the letter ‘C’”!


We had so much fun pretend playing with our friends at the different zones!

At the supermarket area, we took on different roles such as customers, chefs and cashiers. There was such a wide selection of products such as vegetables, canned food and meat that the “customers” could pick from and place into their shopping baskets. An interactive cooking area allowed us to dress up as chefs and cook up a storm.

At the Flight and Space area, we were able to put on the pilot costume and pretended to fly a plane. There was even a huge typhoon simulator machine that could mimic wind speeds of up to 120 km/h. Talk about a mind-blowing experience!

Yay! This is so much fun pretending to be a pilot!  


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