Purple Parade 2021

Thursday, 30 December 2021

The Purple Parade took place this year with a live streamed concert, live chats and the “Walk in My Shoes” workshop series.  

The 'Walk in My Shoes' workshop series aimed to increase awareness on accessibility issues in Singapore and various types of disabilities in our society.

Participants could attend a workshop on Physical Disability and Mobility Experience by SPD where they could experience simulation excersises to understand how persons with disabilities experienced accessibility. Participants also got to learn about the general disability landscape in Singapore, barriers which faced persons with disabilities as well as about communicating with persons with disabilities.

Another workshop open to participants was the 'Deaf & Signing Experience' workshop where participants learned about understanding Deaf culture, understanding the barriers which the Deaf community faces and try out using visual gestural communication as well as lip reading.

A concert was live streamed over Facebook for attendees as well! Check out a recast of the concert here: 


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