Intervention  aims to prepare the child be ready for learning. We work on the skills in areas of child engagement and "learning to learn".  This is done through intensive adult-led learning activities in direct teaching conducted in pairs. Parents and caregivers are actively involved in the intervention at this stage.


Any child who is aged 6 years old and below and diagnosed with autism or related conditions, can apply for WeCAN EIP.

No, a confirmed diagnosis for ASD is not required for enrolment.

Children are recommended to the ARC(S) early intervention programme after a Needs Assessment conducted by the centre's assessment team.

Placement in our programme takes into consideration the following variables:

  • Your child's assessed intervention priorities
  • Co-existing service goals and methodologies
  • Availability of a placement according to child's level of support need
  • Carer agreement to participate in WeCAN EIP according to programme specifications

Where children are recommended to our programmes, but no vacancy exists, a waiting period of between 6-18 months may ensue. Please check SG Enable website for specific wait times. 

Parents are invited to participate in individual sessions and small group learning in the following ways:

  • Through parent/teacher conferencing
  • Classroom participation. This process involves the carer attending the class on a negotiated day and time, working together with the teaching staff on a variety of learning activities with their child and other children in the class
  • Ongoing parent-teacher communication
  • Compulsory parent training programmes to equip parents and carers with relevant skills

The WeCAN Early Intervention curriculum has an autism-specific curriculum involving skill training and facilitation in the following key areas:

  • Work Habits
  • Self Regulation
  • Functional Communication
  • Instrumental Social Skills
  • Curriculum Skills
  • Life and Leisure Skills
  • Social Relationship Skills

The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and individualised to meet the assessed needs of each child.

A different theme is adopted each term to enable meaningful learning through a variety of materials and contexts to aid generalisation.

Yes. Carergivers are invited to join us for parent participation every term. Parent participation is strongly encouraged to ensure children meet key outcomes and such goals can be generalised to the family environment. 

Each EIP staff is required to learn all aspects of autism programming, and to be a good role model for the methods being used in our programme.

Teachers are selected to work in our Early Intervention Programme because they are committed team workers, demonstrate a sense of humour, and are willing to keep updating their skills and knowledge to better service the children they teach, and the families that they support.

New Teachers who are hired need to undergo a 6-month intensive training period and co-teach children under close coaching by a senior teacher / coach. As soon as the teachers become more competent and independent, they will transit to an independent case load. Regular coaching is continuous at all levels of teaching staff.

ARC(S) also has a Training and Consultancy arm that provides autism training. All teachers are required to attend autism certification training provided by ARC(S).