Any child with the diagnosis of autism may apply to us, if eligible.

Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

All children 6 years and below with the diagnosis of autism may enrol for the WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP). Children who are undergoing diagnostic assessment may be considered if they have a clinical recommendation from KK Women's & Children's Hospital or National University Hospital.

Singapore citizens and permanent residents are given priority.

Preparatory Programme

Children diagnosed with autism may apply for the WeCAN Preparatory Programme in the year they turn 5 for admission in the following year. This is a one (1) year programme, running from January to December.

Admission to this programme only happens once a year, in January.

This programme is open only to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.



A child can only be referred to WeCAN Early Intervention Progamme (EIP) and WeCAN Preparatory Programme through SGEnable (previously known as Centre for Enabled Living).

SGEnable is a non-profit organisation funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). SGEnable is the central referral agency for all Government Funded Early Intervention Programmes for Infants and Children (EIPIC) in Singapore. All referrals must go through SGEnable for national consolidation.

When a referral is received from SG Enable, we will contact the family and send out the respective application forms.

Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

Once the completed application form is returned, we will invite the child for a Needs Assessment within one and the half months of the referral date.

Preparatory Programme

Once the completed application form is returned, we will invite the child for an Intake Assessment in the same year.



Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is the next step in the WeCAN Early Intervention Programme (EIP) enrolment process. It is conducted by trained professionals from the WeCAN EIP Needs Assessment team.

Children on the waitlist are scheduled for assessment throughout the year. All parents and regular caregivers are encouraged to attend the assessment with the child.

Aims of Needs Assessment:

  • Gather information about child's functioning in autism areas
  • Assess child's learning strengths and needs
  • Determine suitability for WeCAN EIP
  • Provide information to parents on case management

Duration of assessment: Approximately 1 hour.

Cost of assessment: $32.10 (inclusive of 7% GST)

Outcome of assessment: The EIP team will discuss intervention options with the family. If the team finds the child suitable for the programme, (s)he will be placed on a waitlist till a suitable vacancy arises. Parents will be contacted as soon as the placement arises for the child.

Please refer to www.sgenable.sg for estimated waiting time.

Intake Assessment

For WeCAN Preparatory Programme applications, the intake process will take place in August for admission in the following school year. Children will be assessed in a group of around 10-12 children.

Aims of Intake Assessment:

  • Assess child's ability to follow group instruction and learn in a group of around 10 children
  • Ascertain child's ability to work independently for a period of time
  • Assess child's reading and numeracy skills
  • Understand child's social interaction skills
  • Assess child's learning strengths and needs

Duration of assessment: Approximately 1.5 hours.



Orientation is conducted annually to inform parents on the programme delivery and outcomes. Should the child enter the programme during the school year, parents will be oriented separately.

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